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About us is an innovative platform to bring together millions of students in various professional or job oriented courses looking for Summer / Winter Training opportunities ( Internship) & equal number of MSME ( Micro, Small & Medium size Enterprises ) Units or even big MNCs looking for such trainees for a short or long duration.
It has been observed that sometime these students underestimate the importance of genuine work experience during their summer/ winter breaks in their ongoing studies. The sole purpose of these internship / project training is to enhance student’s employability when they are ready to launch their career after their course completion.
Any students who has done seriously good project work in some small or any size of business & tried to implement his knowledge of books in the work there has far better chances of being selected by any employer than a fresher having fake or no project experience.
MSME are the best place for such trainings due to their size. How?
In a small business due to shortage of manpower more tasks are assigned to a single person, which has a huge benefits of learning & skill enhancement for that person. It make a person more dependable & employable than a person working in a MNC doing similar tasks over years.
So it makes a fresher more employable through these kind of trainings.
As fresher students do not their forte skills, they come to know their core strengths only when they are exposed to multiple responsibilities which may / may not be in line to their course of study. E.g an MCA student can be a better sales person if such exposure is given to him/her during a project training at a small business & he/she enjoys it thoroughly & 4-5 years later he/she is seen holding National Sales Head position in an IT Company.
Process :
Student register themselves by uploading their CV or video resume which are accessed these business units for selecting suitable trainees for their manpower requirements.
They get calls from prospective employers & get good opportunities for their great Career Journey.
So Start a great career with
GAT Advantage for Students:

* Register Free & Upload your CV & Video Resume for Summer & Industrial Training Jobs courses.

* Explore multiple options for Summer / Industrial / Winter trainings across Industries & all over World.

* Increase your employability with genuine training experience.

* Open for all Diploma, BCA, BS, BBA, BE, B Tech, MS, MSc, MCA, MBA, MSW, BSW, B Pharma, MBBS,BHM or any professional & Vocational courses
    for  students.
GAT Advantage for Employers:

* Millions of Small & Medium size businesses worldwide
   struggling for Manpower.

* Cut your manpower cost - Hire Freshers / Trainees.

* You need to give them - Nominal stipend or Just Experience Certificates.

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